Video: D.I.A Vote Not Fight Ft BOC Madaki


D.I.A Vote Not Fight Ft BOC Madaki

D.I.A Vote Not Fight Ft BOC Madaki Video mp4 download – Ace Nigerian rappers D.I.A and B.O.C with their vivacious lyrics teamed up together to again awaken the consciousness of the Nigerian youth towards participation in electoral / decision making process. Titled Vote Not Fight.

Both rappers spat their hearts out in English, pidgin English and Hausa Language to address issues of vote selling/ buying as well as the need to have a violent free election.

This is #GoodAndIntelligentMusic Endeavor to download, listen, share and spread the word.

“Time to use your thumbs, election no be war, so there’s no need for guns, make sure you use your PVC the right way, make we vote not fight”. Now, gearing up to the forth coming general elections.



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