Enumerators and Supervisors Training again, set to begin SWF Refresher Training on 28th March

Enumerators and Supervisors Training again, set to begin SWF Refresher Training on 28th March

Enumerators and Supervisors Training again, set to begin SWF Refresher Training on 28th March

The National Population Commission has again announced the reschedule of the NPC Adhoc Staff Enumerators and Supervisors Training ealier slated to begin on the 31st March, 2023.

This is the 3rd time the Commision has intimated re-adjustment of the dates for the NPC Adhoc Staff Enumerators and Supervisors Training, which were mostly necessitated by the General Election, and Guber/House of Assembly Election reschedule.

In an internal memo on Thursday, the NPC stated that the Enumerators and Supervisors LGA Level Training scheduled to begin on 31st March, 2023 has been put on hold because the date has coincided with Specialized WorkForce and DMQ Refresher Training, which will now begin on 28th March, 2023.

The NPC noted that a new date for the Enumerators and Supervisors Adhoc Staff Training will be communicated soon.

“Good evening Sir/Ma.

“Following the conclusion at the meeting of the Hon Chairman, the HFCs on site and the management, the refresher training planned for the Specialised Workforce and DQMs has been approved to commence on Tuesday 28th March 2023 . The state is enjoined to make arrangements for number of classrooms indicated against each state for SWF in the attached table.

“Also, you may wish to be informed that the LGA level training has been put on hold and as such will no longer start on Monday 31st March 2023. A new date will be communicated in due course.

“Thank you Sirs/Mas”, NPC stated.

Recall that the National population Commission has rescheduled the 2023 Population and Housing Census, announcing that the “Main Census” will now hold from 3rd May, 2023 to 7th May, 2023.

Masu ƙidayar ƙididdiga da Horarwar masu sa ido kuma, an saita don fara Horon Refresher na SWF a ranar 28 ga Maris

Hukumar kidaya ta kasa ta sake sanar da sake dage jadawalin fara kididdigar ma’aikatan NPC Adhoc da horas da masu duba da aka shirya za a fara a ranar 31 ga Maris, 2023.

Wannan dai shi ne karo na 3 da hukumar ta sake sabunta ranakun da hukumar kididdigar ma’aikata ta NPC Adhoc da zata gudanar da horas da ma’aikatanta.

A cikin wata sanarwa ta cikin gida da ta fitar a ranar Alhamis, NPC ta bayyana cewa, an dakatar da horas da masu kidaya da masu lura da matakin karamar hukumar da aka shirya za a fara ranar 31 ga Maris, 2023, saboda ranar ta zo daidai da horon na musamman na WorkForce da DMQ, wanda a yanzu za a fara shi a ranar 28 ga wata. Maris, 2023.

NPC ta lura cewa za a sanar da sabon kwanan wata don ƙididdiga da masu kula da Adhoc Staff Training.

“Barka da yamma Sir/Ma.

“Bayan kammala taron shugaban kasa, HFCs da ke wurin da kuma masu gudanarwa, an amince da bayar da horon da aka tsara na musamman ga ma’aikata da DQM za su fara aiki a ranar Talata 28 ga Maris 2023. An umurci jihar da ta yi tanadin lamba na azuzuwan da aka nuna akan kowace jiha don SWF a cikin teburin da aka makala.

“Har ila yau, kuna iya sanar da ku cewa an dakatar da horar da matakin na LGA don haka ba za a fara aiki ba a ranar Litinin 31 ga Maris, 2023. Za a sanar da sabon ranar nan gaba.

“Na gode Sirs/Mas”, in ji NPC.

Ku tuna cewa hukumar kidayar jama’a ta kasa ta mayar da jadawalin kidayar yawan jama’a da gidaje na shekarar 2023, inda ta sanar da cewa “Babban kidayar jama’a” za ta fara ne daga ranar 3 ga Mayu, 2023 zuwa 7 ga Mayu, 2023.

©️Ahmed El-rufai Idris
Kaduna State Coordinator Zumunta Youth Awarenesses Forum.

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